What Inventions May Receive A Patent

By Nick Nance

When deciding whether an invention is patentable or not, there are five requirements that must be satisfied. These requirements were laid down by Congress, so they can always change depending on the most recent Supreme Court ruling. The first four patentability requirements have to do with the invention itself, while the last requirement is based on how you write your patent submission. The fifth requirement is the reason why most people hire a patent attorney when submitting a patent.

Patentable subject matter is the first requirement that an invention must pass. The Supreme Court has stated that natural phenomena, laws of nature and abstract ideas are all off limits for patents. This is contrary to the original law in the constitution which stated that anything made by man could be patented. The USPTO has tried to push the Supreme Court by offering things such as business methods as being patentable, but so far the Supreme Court hasn't budged.

The second requirement requires that an invention is useful in some way. The invention only needs to be partially useful to pass this requirement; it will only fail if it is totally incapable of achieving a useful result. This is a very easy requirement to pass, but it can be failed if you aren't able to identify why your invention is useful or you don't include enough information to show why your invention is useful. Also, your claim for why your invention is useful won't be credible if the logic is flawed or the facts are inconsistent with the logic.

The third requirement, the novelty requirement, prompts the inventor to show that their invention is new in some way. An invention will fail this requirement if it is identical to a reference that has been previously made to your invention. In other words, if your patent would infringe on an existing patent, then it doesn't pass this requirement. If the reference is a newspaper or some other form you have to ask: if the newspaper was issued a patent, would your new patent infringe?

If someone knowledgeable about the field of your invention was able to combine a few past references and come to your invention, then it may not pass the fourth requirement. In order to pass the fourth requirement, your invention must be not obvious. This is a tricky requirement because it is an opinion on some level. You are allowed to add past inventions together; however, if such addition would be obvious to anyone in that field, then you can't receieve a patent. basically, if an invention only contains obvious differences from the prior art, then it will fail this requirement.

The last test is different because it has to do with how you write the patent instead of the invention itself. In order to pass this requirement, the invention must be explained so someone could understand, make and use the invention. There are three parts to the explanation. The enablement requirement requires that the invention is described so others can use and make it. Second, the best mode requirement says there must be a preferred way to carry out the invention described in the patent. The third requirement - the written description requirement - has shady guidelines, so describing your invention in great detail is the best to fulfill this requirement. - 30204

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Profitable Inventions Are Uncommon Because Of These Five Reasons

By Nick Nance

A lack of focus: You have to be aware of your surroundings in order to have successful inventions. Don't focus completely on inventing, but when you go through the day you need to be able to notice when you see something that could possibly be a problem to solve with an invention. I carry around a journal where I can write down my thoughts. This journal also helps tangibly remind me to think about inventing, which is what a good inventor has to be able to do.

A lack of Information: A lot of people lack an understanding of the inventing process as a whole, especially the part after you have come up with an invention. There is a lot of legal work involved in inventing that most people don't know the half about. The main part of the legal work is patents, which is the step that a lot of first time inventors fear. However, there are many ways for you to acquire information on the legal side of inventing. There are books and websites that have information, which are great places to start.

People are scared: Like almost everything we do, there is a possibility of failure that comes with inventing. This fear will stop people in their tracks, and is a huge inhibitor for a lot of possible inventors. The fear of your idea not being wanted can't stop you from inventing. You have to be willing to step up to the risk and keep trying no matter what happens.

People can't take criticism: This is similar to fear, but I think it is different. When you come up with an invention idea people are going to criticize it, that's a guarantee. Many people can't handle this and allow critics to convince them that their idea isn't good. If people are criticizing your idea that means it is unique. You can heckle them when your idea is bringing in a substantial profit.

Committing to inventing: Commitment is the biggest wall for all people inventing. All of the other things that I have mentioned result from a lack of commitment. You have to have a vision and be willing to do anything to make your invention successful. Most people aren't willing to put out this kind of effort, but if you do, then you will most likely be a successful inventor. - 30204

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Water Engines For Vehicles

By Haley Graham

It would be great to have cars that can run on water and eliminate the need for fuel. Could it happen? Hydrogen gas extracted gallons of water that supply the engine with gas to fuel the engine.

When hydrogen burns, it gives off water. The only thing coming out the tailpipe is hot air. It's all perfectly safe.

Can this work? Yes. How much would it cost to retrofit your vehicle?

Just replace your fuel tank with the recovery system, add water and away you go! The only things you'll change some are non-lethal carbon rods annually. They cost somewhere in the range of what you pay for gasoline in a month of driving.

It is a great step if the technology can be "consumer friendly." Some fear that large oil and the U.S. automobile industry will never let happen. They have a lot to lose, mainly oil.

Other forms of energy for cars have been around for decades. This is not new. Forms of energy will take place despite the power of the oil industry.

Opponents argue that the main problem here is that you can not extract hydrogen fast enough to launch a car. You can run your car on water. It is not that complicated for you to easily use this concept to implement a hydrogen gas hybrid.

How can both sides be so divided? It seems quite likely because the water is already in petrol and diesel. It is very easy to extract tons of energy.

When you drive your car using gas, more energy is lost to heat, pollution and vibration. In the car you average, only 20% of the energy of gas is actually used by the engine.

When you drive your car using gas, most of the energy is wasted in the form of heat, pollution and vibration. In the average car, only 20% of the energy of the gas is actually used by the engine - the rest is wasted, and absorbed into the atmosphere (attacking the ozone layer and contributing to global warming). You would be using electricity from your car's battery to convert water into a gas called HHO. - 30204

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Car Running On Water?

By Ronnie Wells

The market is screaming with all types of trinkets that are ready for you to get better gas mileage. Many claim that you don't even need gasoline to run a car. As gas prices rise, ways to replace gas are on the incline.

This is so that automakers can turn plummeting sales around and at least pacify the consumer. Many back yard mechanics have attempted to take matters into their own hands. They are trying to find a way for you to get better gas mileage too.

Still, some that are money hungry believe that they can defy the laws of science! They think they can bypass just a few steps. This system boasts that they can show you how to take a fuel cell and attach it to your car's electrical system.

In order to pull this one off you would have to have the key to breaking the law of thermodynamics. Many back yard mechanics have attempted to take matters into their own hands. They are trying to find a way for you to get better gas mileage too.

There are problems in the delivery of it to the cells. And further problems with the combustion process. Hence, recovering a lot less energy from burning the hydrogen than it took to create it.

The most talked about of these plans is the HHO hydrogen generator system. It is being pitched by numerous different individuals and small companies. Like it or not, it is the law of physics!

Many back yard mechanics have attempted to take matters into their own hands. They are trying to find a way for you to get better gas mileage too. The market is screaming with all types of trinkets that are ready for you to get better gas mileage.

Many claim that you don't even need gasoline to run a car. The most talked about of these plans is the HHO hydrogen generator system. It is being marketed by many different individuals.

They still believe that you can get better gas mileage by taking the power from your alternator and using it to create hydrogen. Smart people wouldn't buy something like this from people who haven't got the slightest grasp of scientific concepts. Beware of those claims that promise to double your gas mileage or generate free energy.

As gas prices skyrocket; ways to replace gas or improve the mileage of driving a car have become a very serious topic for many. Globally, scientists are trying to find a way to gain some efficiency from the conventional engine. This is so that automakers can turn plummeting sales around. They want to at least make the consumer happy. Spending less on gas will surely make the consumer happier. - 30204

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Is It True, Run A Car On Water?

By Aaryn Obruchev

So have you seen the claims out there already, there are many on the internet that you can find. But can you really run your car on water? It's something that many people will think isn't true, because of all the false things they have found.

It's because of those scams that are around that many people will think this is not true. But when you begin looking around be warned there are really two scams out there. Beware for those people who lie about the whole thing and say it works.

Also watch for those scams that are full of information that isn't correct. The main way that you can tell a scam is if they say you can run a car on water, and only water. Because you won't do that, but gas and water is a true fact.

But since so many people have seen so many scams about running cars on water, they think it is all false. But we are here to tell you that you can run your car on water, though it will be a partial ability to run on water mixed with gas.

The claims that you can run your water on complete water power is not true though. So remember that you will be looking at a scam in this case. There are no machines that are run on perpetual motion, it will not work it would be a violation of thermodynamics.

This process is done through the use of electrolysis, and it's a basic type of electrolysis at that. Your water will become electrolyzed by using an electrical current that will be sent by the battery or alternator of a car. When that happens the gas is going to separate and turn into HHO gas.

This HHO gas will be pulled or even pushed into the car's intake system and will go along with the gas to be burned. Since you're not using as much gas, guess what? That's right you will have more gas mileage through the combination of HHO gas and normal gas.

HHO gas burns much cleaner than gasoline does. In fact the emission from HHO gas will simply be water vapor. The fantastic thing about this is that it's been studied since the 1700s by scientists.

In fact way back in 1960s there was a gentleman by the name of William A. Rhodes he patented a machine that used this method. And again in the 1970s Yull Brown also got a patent for a machine that was very close to Rhodes's machine. Both of their machines have now been used in welding for years.

The method has now been changed into the term Hydrogen fuel injection, and is endorsed by the National Hydrogen Association. It's something that many people are looking forward to being placed into vehicles. There are even some manufacturers who are currently using this in vehicles with results that have been positive.

All you need to do is find out what is real and what isn't when you're looking for further information on how to run your car on water. - 30204

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Run Your Car On Water - Myth Or Magic?

By Lesa Crosby

Researchers are going into overdrive looking for new ways to fuel our cars, which includes experiments on technologies that claim you can run your car on water.

There's no doubt that the most brilliant scientists in the world have to come up with a solution to our over priced, limited supply of fossil fuel. Green house gas and tightly controlled emissions programs are fueling research into using simple water as a possible fuel source. In America, we use the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool in fuel every 15 seconds. Driving is part of our culture, but if we don't do something to save the planet and reduce fuel costs, what culture will there be?

This urgent need to find a way to fuel our beloved automobiles in a green way has been fertile ground for unscrupulous shysters. Conversion kits abound on the internet and skeptical bloggers say they make very little difference in fuel economy, if at all. Hucksters claim the big oil companies don't want you to know about alternative technologies, yet these days with information available with the push of a button, it's very difficult to squash the flow of data.

Man has always looked for new ways to use water. Almost 30 years ago, American inventory Stan Myer used just 22 gallons of water to drive a dune buggy from Los Angeles to New York. He proved that vehicle engines could use water and a source of electricity to create Brown's Gas, which is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. He patented his water/hydrogen fuel cell technology but didn't live to see it become popular.

Since that time, videos of Myer have been used to give credibility to weak products on the internet. One sales pitch claimed that your vehicle could be converted in just 40 minutes by your neighborhood mechanic for around $120.

Having said that, one can't completely dismiss Myer's findings. Since the early 1880s, the oxyhydrogen torch, fed by an oxygen and hydrogen mix of gases, has been used in welding. However, like the oil that water hopes to replace, it needs refining. Scientists need to find a way to generate enough power, which a car battery doesn't provide at the moment.

Yes, Myer patented his hydrogen fuel cell and clearly had success with it before his untimely death. Inventors have used electricity and even radio waves to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, using the applications to drive small engines.

If any type of water is going to make a splash on the alternative fuel scene, it just may be water from the ocean. The effect of radio waves when exposed to salt water, created tremendous energy in an experiment conducted by John Kanzius of Pennsylvania. He was looking for a cure for cancer when he discovered that breaking the bond of hydrogen and oxygen in sea water created a white hot flame. Energy unleashed!

Scientists in Ohio asked to see his findings. Their skepticism turned to delight as they saw for themselves the tremendous potential. The energy certainly had the potential for many applications, such as desalinating sea water but especially for powering an automobile.

Kanzius story is that of the great American inventor who stumbles upon an incredible new finding while looking for something else.

In a bid to go "green", the world may just be going "wet" in the years to come. - 30204

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Consider Video Surveillance Systems for Your Home or Business

By George Friston

In many situations video surveillance systems can be useful tools.Such advanced gadgetry gives precise record of events when properly utilized. Having video surveillance is a wise plan for a business owner who cant be there in their actual business operations due to busy schedules. There are some events that might happen with out the presence of the owner. Video surveillance systems are very useful to identify and record when someone shoplifts from the store. Most criminals are caught because of video surveillance footage; this is helpful forensic evidence. Before shoplifters run from the store, video surveillance alerts the security guards or whoever attending the store can apprehend the shoplifters on the spot.

The use of video surveillance is not only limited to business matters, it also covers the security it gives at home. Many parents prefer having these surveillance systems to know more about the people they hire to take care of their home, for example, house cleaners. Home owners use the surveillance to know whether the house cleaners really did clean the house and they have not stole anything from the house. Busy parents also utilize surveillance systems to let them to know if their children have been really taken care of .Moreover, these surveillance systems could get video footage on how the babysitters have treated their child, to determine if the child has been disciplined in a right and humane manner. Numerous crime videos of babysitters mistreating child have been recorded using these gadgets. Surveillance footage of these inappropriate actions,will be concrete evidence against the people that you have once trusted. Now, you can be vigilant of the people around you.

Camera surveillance is also an excellent instrument to use not only for customers and shoplifters but also to watch the employees on the work when the person in charge is away. Video surveillance is great for observing employees and making sure they are doing their job right .It can monitor their performance too. Surveillance can be used to make sure that an employee does not steal money in the cash drawers or the business products as shoplifters are not the only ones who steal.Having video surveillance is most advantageous during night time when a retail store or business is closed. In addition to alarm systems and security measures, video cameras will assist the police to recognize the criminals, to determine how they broke in and the point of entry, and their loots. If someone breaks into the store or business while nobody is guarding it, keeping video surveillance camera systems running after hours will increase the chances of the apprehending the criminal.

You should not easily trust anybody especially nannys or babysitters that are left in house with your kids. There have been many cases that nannies have been caught on spy cams hurting children. Nanny cams help to make sure your children are well taken care of and also to ensure the safety of the whole house. Nannies will be afraid to steal or devastate your properties knowing that they are being recorded. These cameras will help prevent crimes such as child abuse and theft. The violators will then be identified thus preventing them from being hired again and wreak havoc to unsuspecting victims.

Parking lots located are also criminals best hang outs which happens to have plenty of car napping and other petty crimes .Putting video surveillance in this kind of area like any businesses require, is of great concern, protects your costumers too. Identifying the culprit and the involved persons to a vehicle theft is the main purpose of these hi-tech video surveillance systems. This camera surveillance keeps the front like parking lots of your business safe. Having these kinds of surveillance systems creates an atmosphere of safety for clients, when they know that your place is secured by a surveillance camera.

Home or business is best with a video camera surveillance; keeping you safe and informed. Video surveillance drops the crime levels in businesses and even in the parking spaces .It also prevents employees from stealing as well as shoplifters. You can now be assured that the people you hire on taking care of your children are of good records. Lastly, the video surveillance camera system is your trusted tool to know the events within your home and in your business. You can now be relaxed and peaceful "minded with surveillance that gives your 24/7 protection. - 30204

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